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Bossi Fedrigotti Conte Federico Bottle


Trento DOC Riserva Metodo Classico

An elegant sparkling wine with an unmistakable bouquet, thanks to its origins in selected vineyards of the Trentino region that are well ventilated by the Ora breezes.

The fruit of the union of ancient expertise from the Bossi Fedrigotti family and Masi long experience, the resulting wine is a new product that enriches the range of noble wines from an historic noble family.

Technical data

Grape varieties

Chardonnay, Pinot Nero

Tasting notes

Look deep yellow with golden reflections. Fine and persistent perlage.
Nose fragrant, bread and cream aromas with orange peel and spices.
Palate delicate perlage, good acidity balanced with hints of apples and pears.

Food pairing

Perfect as an aperitif or for festive toasts. Goes well with crudités and marinated fish, especially smoked salmon. Excellent with mixed fries, either of vegetables or fish, and with raw vegetables and chicken salads.

Alcoholic content

12,5% vol.


750ml, 1500ml

Technical sheet

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